The Tunisian Academic seminar on Business, Communication and Technology: “TEK-UP DIGITECH” in its first edition. The seminar put the focus on the recent technology and future development of Future Engineers It is a key event for those who are emphasizing on the professional training aspects of the Engineers.

The objective of this event is to establish and intensify the learning process and enlarging the IT knowledge, and actively contribute to the improvement of research and teaching in Tunisia with special focus on the employability of the future graduates and their transfer from universities to industry.

The four days seminar will gather 50 students who are already PCAP, HCIA-AI, HCIA-RS and AWS certified

The seminar includes workshops and training covering the aspects of Technology and Communication along with cultural and entrepreneurial excursions.

TEK-UP DIGITECH academic seminar will be held on the period of 16-19 March 2021 in Tunisia.

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Khawla Tbarki

Dipl. Ing. Hassen Hosni

Dipl. Ing. Fedi Bounouh

Dipl. Ing. Mohamed Ali sola